Practices for Embodying Nonviolent Communication With David Weinstock

An overview of this programme:

Practices for Embodying Nonviolent Communication: The Map and the Territory

There is a power that is undeniably felt and that leaves little to resist when verbal and non-verbal communication are unified and word and action arise from our deeper needs. We are most powerwful whenever we live and practice the ennobling qualities that give meaning to our mutual lives such as integrity, honesty, empathy, and compassion.  At the heart of these sessions is a somatic experience that connects participants to the consciousness underlying NVC and a felt sense of what empowers NVC practice.

Our bodies put us in touch with our emotions, and our emotions—when consciously listened to—tell us what matters, what we need, and the present, direct, immediate experience of the life we are living. This is where we come face to face with the history we carry, our deeper selves, our greatest gifts, and the motivation to heal past trauma in order to develop new, more skillful, inclusive responses to life’s challenges. This is where we can access discriminating wisdom, where we feel the suffering and grief that give birth to compassion, and where we can regain our footing again and again to walk more fully into the mystery of life and love.

This 8 week series offers an integrated physical, emotional, and linguistic map for practicing and understanding Nonviolent Communication processes. Here we take the time and space to establish an awareness of emotions during challenging and triggering moments. This allows your body’s signals to become an “inner guidance system” that brings direction and clarity to the choices at hand.  you stay present during times of conflict, enabling you to continue listening empathically while exploring collaborative strategies that honor everyone’s needs.

Let’s explore NVC as a whole-body/mind communication, lifelong art and practice. David Weinstock will present an overview of this body of work, touch on its history, share its basic principles and offer some experiential practices that offer a somatic connection to the consciousness and qualities underlying this art and compassionate discipline.

This on-line series will offer daily practices to:

·   Invigorate empathic listening faculties;

·   Discharge the anxiety held in old embodied reactions,

·   Make decisions and take actions that align with our values;

·   Cultivate resources for building relationships more capably and enjoyably.

These skills are essential for any of us who want to deepen the quality of our relationships, generate community, cultivate reverence for the sacred, and effect positive change: personal, social, environmental, or political.

These sessions are for individuals or groups interested in enhancing their own learning, for teachers, coaches, therapists who want to bring skills learned here through their own practices, and for those who would like to learn effective practices for cultivating “Community” at home, schools, workplace and the greater community.

Some of what this course will include will be:

1. The Basics of Somatic Practice

2. The Empathic Listening Field

3. A Five-Element Practice for Embodying NVC

* Understanding and meaning (ground),

* Belonging and empathy (water),

* Lightness and joy (wind),

* Creativity and expression (fire),

*Presence and clarity (space).

4. Transforming Core Strategies: From Reaction to Resource

5. Speak Your Truth:  Seven C’s of Empathic Communication (March 1)

This session introduces 7 qualities – care, courage, curiosity, centering, creativity, confidence, and commitment       that support the journey towards the embodiment of an art, in this case, Nonviolent Communication.

6.  Somatic Consensus: An NVC Internal Mediation Process

7. The Spiral Blend: A somatic map of NVC

Embodied Leadership in the session will explore practices for organizing and empowering word and action by grounding ourselves in NVC consciousness.  Leadership qualities such as honesty, integrity, humility, acceptance, empathy are learnable states of being. When you know deeply what matters and what you care about and you move from that place, you can powerfully lead yourself and others. Much of what we express is non-verbal.  When  words and action come out of an internal consensus, when we are deeply moved by the life that course through and around us, we can effect life affirming change based in loving protection for all.

From 07.01.2022 to 25.02.2022 every Friday 20:30-22:30 GMT+3


Oca 07 2022


20:30 - 22:30

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